Here's When the New Batman Arkham Game Will Probably Be Revealed

We may finally have a reveal date for the new Batman Arkham game, the latest game starring The [...]

We may finally have a reveal date for the new Batman Arkham game, the latest game starring The Dark Knight from developer Warner Bros. Montreal that is believed to be in development for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced "DC FanDome," a brand new virtual event that will explore every corner of the DC Multiverse on August 22. Included in this event will be new announcements from WB Games, and this is presumably when the new Batman game will finally be revealed.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment makes no mention of any specific announcements, but considering that Batman is the biggest game in its lineup, it's safe to assume it will be present. The question is: will it be revealed at the event or will the event be used to provide a deeper look at it? For now, all we can do is speculate, but if DC is going out of its way to have its own virtual event, then it's safe to assume it will save some of its biggest announcement and reveals for the show, and the reveal of a new Batman game fits this bill.

Again, all we can do is speculate right now, but with the PS5 games event behind us, there's only one other place it could show up: Microsoft's Xbox Series X games event in July. However, I've heard it won't be there. So unless the game is going to be revealed on a random weekday, it will probably be revealed on August 22. The only slight problem with this is this seems like a late reveal for a game that rumors say is releasing this holiday season.

DC FanDome is going down on August 22, and not only we will likely see the new Batman game, but the heavily rumored Harry Potter RPG, Rocksteady's new game, and probably a LEGO game or two.

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