New Batman Games Possibly Revealed in Recent Leak

A number of new video games associated with Batman seem to be in the cards if a recent leak is to be believed. While the validity of this leak is currently being called into question, it looks as though the team at WB Games might have many more projects in the works tied to the caped crusader outside of next year's release in Gotham Knights.

In a breach that was discovered through Nvidia's GeForce Now service, a handful of titles associated with Batman were found mentioned within a larger database. While many of these games are ones that have been released in the past, others haven't ever come about. Some of these titles that would fit into the latter category Batman: Arkham Insurgency and a new remaster of Batman: Arkham Knight. Arkham Insurgency was at one point rumored to be the name of the next entry in the series after Arkham Knight, but it never ended up releasing for one reason or another. To see it mentioned here might tell us that the game was officially in development at one point, although it will likely never end up releasing.

Outside of Insurgency and the Arkham Knight remaster, the most bizarre Batman game that has appeared in this leak is said to be a citybuilder title. Yes, a Batman game in the vein of a title such as Sim City, which is simply recognized as "Batman Citybuilder" within the database, might very well be in development. The name of this specific game is said to be a "working title" which means that if it is real, those at WB Games will surely end up calling it something completely different. Still, the notion that Batman might soon be involved with a genre that many would never associate him with is quite interesting, to say the least. 

As mentioned, the main problem with this leak is that there is no way to know for certain if the games that have been found through GeForce Now will one day see the light of day. With this in mind, take everything here with a grain of salt for the time being. If we hear anything new from WB Games when it comes to any of these titles, we'll be sure to let you know. 

If there is any truth to this leak, what do you think about it? Would you be interested in playing any of the Batman games that have been mentioned here? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12