New Batman Game Rumor Hints at "Massive" World

Warner Bros. Montreal hasn't teased its new Batman game since January, however, there are plenty [...]

Warner Bros. Montreal hasn't teased its new Batman game since January, however, there are plenty of rumors and "leaks" about the game making the rounds recently, including word that it may have a "massive" world. As you may remember, the latest game in the series from previous series developer Rocksteady, dubbed Batman: Arkham Knight, had a pretty big and detailed open-world, and it looks like Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is having Warner Bros. Montreal expand on this with the new game, which is reportedly a reboot.

According to The GWW's James Sigfield -- who has been at the forefront of reports and leaks about the new Batman game -- Gotham City in the previous and cancelled Batman Damian Wayne game was going to be "massive." In other words, it's safe to assume that, at the very least, this game that rose from the ashes of this Damian Wayne project will be similar in size.

"Gotham City was supposed to be MASSIVE in the Damian game, so it's a safe assumption this one will at least be a little bigger," said Sigfield while interacting with a fellow Twitter user.

Of course, this tidbit should be taken with a grain of salt for multiple reasons. For one, it's unofficial information, but two it's an assumption based of the work of a previous project. Like Sigfield suggests, it's a safe assumption, but it's an assumption nonetheless. That said, between Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we've seen some incredible and vast open-worlds this generation, so it's not hard to imagine this game having a massive world itself.

At the moment of publishing, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has teased its new Batman game, but for now, the game hasn't been revealed. However, this is expected to change this year. In the meantime, while we wait to hear more about the game, don't forget plenty of new releases dropped this week, all of which you can read and see more of, courtesy of our newest "Out This Week."

As always, feel feel to drop a comment with your thoughts. Would you prefer a vast world or a tighter, more detailed world in the upcoming Batman game?