'Batman: Court of Owls' Game Rumors Are Back In Full Force With This Revealed Artwork

The team over at Warner Bros. Montreal has dropped some not-so-subtle teasers that a new Batman [...]

The team over at Warner Bros. Montreal has dropped some not-so-subtle teasers that a new Batman title is on the way for next year following a recent string of hints about a possible Court of Owls game, and now new artwork has appeared to take those teasers and ramped up the rumor juice up to over 9000.

(Photo: Eddie Mendoza)
(Photo: Eddie Mendoza)
(Photo: Eddie Mendoza)

The latest find is pretty hard to deny that something is going down with the villanous trope as Batman faces off against Talons - known assassin's from this arch. Eddie Mendoza is the artist, where his full portfolio can be found here, but his recent freelance work for Warner Bros. and the recently revealed (now removed) art seems to be the pieces we needed to put together this Batman-themed puzzle.

Wb games Montreal Batman game concept art leaked from r/PS4

According to the above Reddit post, the artist "recently posted a series of 3 keyframe images that he specified were "just for fun" which depicted Batman engaged in combat against Talons. This would not normally be newsworthy, though the man is very talented, except that a few days ago he suddenly took the images down without any explanation. Just gone entirely from his ArtStation account (where he first posted them) without any evidence they ever existed. Since they weren't breaking any rules or terms of service that I can see and I don't see him getting a cease and desist from Warner Bros. over a bunch of drawings that he specifically said WEREN'T official, this is a bit weird. Even more curious, he also apparently works as a freelancer and one of his clients is Warner Bros."

As with all rumors, leaks, etc - take this with a grain of salt but we will mention that WB hasn't been shy about pulling the teasers themselves with a very specific brand of hints:

Earlier last year, Warner Bros. Montreal assistant producer Valerie Vezina seemingly dropped a major clue as to what the new project could be about.

For those that are unfamiliar with the Court of Owls, they are a group of villains set up in Gotham that are seen as the masterminds behind the city and how it operates. Known for their ability to take a situation and bend it to their will, this group is powerful and a worthy opponent to Batman himself.

We've known for quite some time now that WB Montreal had two DC games in the works and they've already proven that they know how to give DC fans a solid Batman story with Arkham Origins. Pair that with the fact that the studio has vehemently shot down Superman rumors, it looks like the pillar of justice is about to have another shot at the spotlight.

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