Biggest Batman Board Game Ever Launches Kickstarter

Monolith Games has launched a new Kickstarter for a new season of its smash hit Batman: Gotham City Chronicles, which will also serve to fund the production of a brand new Batman tabletop roleplaying game. The Kickstarter campaign launched earlier today and is already approaching the $500,000 mark in less than a day. The Kickstarter includes two separate products - Batman: Gotham City Chronicles: The Roleplaying Game and a new "Season 3" expansion for the 1 vs. many-style board game Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. 

Originally launched in 2019, Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is a board game in which one player takes control of one or more Batman villains, while other players play as Batman and one of his many allies. Players spend energy on different abilities, with checks made using different kinds of dice. Monolith has released two full "seasons" of content for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles so far, adding new missions, styles of play, and highly detailed miniatures. The new Kickstarter funds a brand new "Gotham in Flames" expansion, which includes four new heroes (Cassandra Cain, Jace Fox, Ghostmaker, and Red Hood) along with a new 11-mission storyline and plenty of new enemies. 

The other new product is the brand new Batman: Gotham City Chronicles: The Roleplaying Game. This is a brand new tabletop roleplaying game that allows players to play as Batman, one of his many allies, or a self-created character. Based on a Quickstart guide provided as part of the Kickstarter, the game uses a d20 system with a few tweaks. Under certain circumstances, a player has to drop down to a d12 to make checks. Instead of classes, players can choose between one of three Ways (representing non-powered non-superheroes, non-powered superheroes, or powered superheroes) when choosing their abilities. 

There are multiple pledge tiers for the new Batman: Gotham City Chronicles campaign, depending on what you want to receive. Backers will receive a core rulebook for just Batman: Gotham City Chronicles: The Roleplaying Game with a $59 pledge. You can also choose to receive the Core Game for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles for a $134 pledge. The full set of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles: The Roleplaying Game books will cost $160, while the full "all-in" campaign costs $268. The Kickstarter will remain open through June 10th.