Battle Royale Game The Culling Coming To Xbox One Preview

A game that tosses aside conventions of peacefulness and passive gameplay, The Culling is a fight [...]

The Culling
(Photo: Xaviant)

A game that tosses aside conventions of peacefulness and passive gameplay, The Culling is a fight to the death, battle royale experience that's coming soon to the Xbox One Game Preview.

The goal of the bloody arena-style competition is simple: Take no prisoners and be the last player surviving the carnage of the multi-man battle. By putting 16 players in one match, each with the intent of surviving and eliminating their opponents, The Culling developer Xaviant, also known for their game Lichdom: Battlemage, plans to unleash a chaotic fight-fest as each player fights for glory and survival.

You can either go it alone to face off against your opponents, or you can pair up in teams of two to have someone watch your back during the mayhem. The game definitely takes inspiration from similar survival titles such as The Hunger Games where players are abandoned and left to their own devices, but the loot system, light-hearted customizable options, and the inclusion of characters that just feel more "normal" give it a vibe that resembles the violence of darker movies such as The Purge.

Most of the violence in The Culling will likely come as a result of some sort of melee weapon. A variety of attacks and maneuvers can be delivered from an even greater number of gruesome weapons, tools that can be both found and crafted to use against your foes. From small to large, melee weapons exists in multiple form such as bladed weapons, blunted weapons, and even some improvised spears. Should an enemy get too far from you, all melee weapons are throwable, but it might be better to instead utilize the arsenal of firearms and bows that are included.

The game was released on March 4, 2016, for $25 on Steam, and it is currently still in the Early Access stage. During it's time on the market, the arena rumble game has received mixed reviews from players that seem to be declining further in light of recent patches. However, the move to Xbox One Game Preview may be an attempt for Xaviant to test the waters on other platforms and receive additional feedback on where they should take the game.

The Culling will hit the Xbox One Game Preview on June 2.