Battlefield 2042 Subreddit Threatens Shutdown Due to Toxicity

Ever since Battlefield 2042 launched at the end of November, many fans have been expressing frustration with the latest installment in the long-running shooter series. As you can read in our own review, the game is one that has a number of problems at this point in time, which has led to fans calling for Electronic Arts and developer DICE to make wide-sweeping changes to the title. And while these expressions of frustration with Battlefield 2042 from fans are fine at face value, some have been taking their anger to levels that have resulted in ongoing toxicity. Now, one of the biggest Battlefield communities on the internet is looking to curb this problem in a rather major way. 

Earlier this week, the moderation team behind the Battlefield 2042 subreddit informed users that it may move to lock the subreddit as a whole due to a mass amount of harassment that has started to come about. "Over the past few days we have seen insults, harassment and vile comments directed towards members of our community and DICE employees. We are making this statement to give you fair warning that we will not tolerate this anymore," the mod team said in its post. "It's an understatement when we say that this subreddit has grown incredibly toxic. It's near impossible to have a simple discussion without insults being flung around at each other – and it's really starting to harm the entire Battlefield community, and each of us that are part of it."

Speaking more to what they would do to fix this problem, the moderators explained what they'll be looking for in the coming days. "If toxicity goes down, we will leave the subreddit open without further restrictions. If toxicity stays at current levels, we will begin locking threads early, on a majority of posts. If toxicity increases, we will lockdown the subreddit for a period of time," said the moderators of the options that will be implemented.

At this point in time, the Battlefield 2042 subreddit has remained open for everyone to use, meaning that a full-scale shutdown has yet to transpire. Furthermore, the moderators also provided a new update today to further outline the types of harassment that they are looking to crack down on. Whether or not the subreddit ends up having to briefly shutter remains to be seen, but the mods did try to remind fellow forum users what the goal overall is. "Let's all hope Battlefield can get back to being the Battlefield we all want and enjoy," the team said in conclusion. 


[H/T PC Gamer]