Battlefield 5 Is Finally Adding Tank Customization Soon

Tank customization in Battlefield V is finally on the horizon now that the game’s Update 6.2 is [...]

Tank customization in Battlefield V is finally on the horizon now that the game's Update 6.2 is approaching to release the feature for all players. The feature was announced long ago as part of EA Dice's future plans for the game and was featured on the game's roadmaps, and the developers confirmed in January that it'd be releasing during Chapter 6. This feature will allow people to customize their tanks in different ways when it releases on March 4th, and EA Dice is giving players a free "body dressing" as they're called that immortalizes the "coming soon" aspect of the long-awaited feature.

A total of 37 different tank customizations will be added to the game on March 4th whenever update releases. Some of them will be purchasable with Company Coin while others will be acquired by spending Battlefield Currency, the developers said, and you'll find them spread out through different rarities at different times in the store. Those customizations will be divided into Paint Jobs, Chassis Dressings, and Turret Dressings.

"First things first, most of you are wondering if there will be options to purchase customization with Company Coin or Battlefield Currency - the answer is yes to bot," the update on the game's forums said. "When Update 6.2 drops, check your Company. We're adding 37 customization pieces to your Company immediately for purchase with Company Coin. We'll also be rotating the rest of them through Armory rotations that will have varying rarities - just like weapon or soldier skin rarities. We'll have quite a few for Company Coin, and some Epics that will be purchasable with Battlefield Currency."

For players who log into the game between March 4th and March 24th, you'll be able to get a Sherman tank customization for free. It's a tongue-in-cheek customization that says "Coming Soon" to reference how long people have been waiting on the feature to arrive.

Look for the patch notes for Update 6.2 to release soon and the update and the tank customizations to release on March 4th.