'Battlefield V' Update Lowers Max Damage for Most Weapons, Makes Players Harder to Kill

Battlefield V’s newest update changed the time-to-kill values for nearly every weapon category [...]

Battlefield V's newest update changed the time-to-kill values for nearly every weapon category and effectively made players more difficult to kill.

"Time to Kill," often abbreviated at TTK, is the value that determines how long it takes to kill an enemy, and it's been a point of discussion within the Battlefield V community as EA DICE asked players how they felt about the system. Though many players have expressed that they don't have a problem with the current TTK settings, EA DICE said game data has showed players are dying to quickly and not returning to the game.

"Although not extremely vocal within our deeply engaged community, we see from our game data that the wider player base is dying too fast leading to faster churn - meaning players may be getting frustrated with dying too fast that they choose not to log back in and learn how to become more proficient at Battlefield V," EA DICE said before diving into the changelist to reveal what's new. "Changing TTK values in addition to improving TTD elements will help these particular instances and hopefully result in better gameplay experiences for players of all skill levels."

The TTK changes that have now gone live change how much damage certain weapons do to enemies' body parts, but damage dealt to players' heads hasn't been changed. A table was shared by the developer to show what the changes look like with the original TTK values before the update highlighted in red. The numbers represent the damage multiplier with damage dealt to the upper body, lower body, and limbs changed for different weapon types.

Battlefield V TTK Changes
(Photo: EA DICE)

These numbers can be a bit overwhelming to players who aren't as familiar with games like Battlefield V and others that utilize TTK and "Time to Death" (TTD) values, but EA DICE simplified it by saying the max damage for most weapons has been decreased overall.

"In practice, the maximum damage is now lower for most weapons," EA DICE's explanation said. "This means that it will take on average one more bullet to kill with the weapons that are affected."

Along with the damage multiplier changes, the distances at which players will require more bullets to kill enemies has also been affected. Those values for specific weapons and broad categories can be seen here through the developer's changelist.