Bethesda Shares New Details on Fallout 76's Private Servers

Fallout 76’s “Significant new feature” teased a while back turned out to be private servers [...]

Fallout 76's "Significant new feature" teased a while back turned out to be private servers called "Fallout Worlds," a significant new feature indeed seeing how players have been waiting on this exact thing to release for some time now. It's not quite ready to launch just yet, but this week during Bethesda's QuakeCon event, we got to learn more about these private servers and how they'll function in the game.

One caveat to know before hopping into the Fallout Worlds details is that you have to have a Fallout 1st membership if you want to take full advantage of the feature. Those with a Fallout 1st membership will be able to build their own custom servers full of personalized settings before inviting others or opening their worlds up for people to join. Those without Fallout 1st memberships will be able to take part in Bethesda-curated worlds for free.

If you're still on board with the feature knowing that, the video above offers new details about the Fallout Worlds feature as well as some looks at what some of these worlds might look like. One of the worlds created by Bethesda, for example, was called "Butcher's Delight" and has several combat changes made to give players a distinctly different experience. Players have infinite ammo and no V.A.T.S. restrictions in that world as well as frequent uses of the "Bloody Mess" perk.

Bo Buchanan, the lead on Fallout Worlds, said in the video that one of these Bethesda-made worlds will be up at all times, but the frequency at which they're swapped out depends partially on how the community responds to Fallout Worlds.

Fallout Worlds
(Photo: Bethesda)

It's like Adventure with different progression, and we'll rotate these," Buchanan said. "Right now, we're going to do it every month, and we'll see kind of what the community and everyone really feels about that. We might do it faster, we might do it slower, but at the moment, we're committed to try to keep one of those up at all times."

Elsewhere in the video, the developers looked into the different settings available via Fallout Worlds. Things like equipment durability, difficulty, PvP rules, ragdoll behavior, and the damage dealt and received were just a few of the things that existed within the combat menu alone.

Fallout 76's new Fallout Worlds feature is expected to launch on September 8th, so we'll see before and after then what kinds of other worlds players and Bethesda come up with.