Fallout 76 Teases a "Significant New Feature" Planned for Next Update

Fallout 76’s next big update won’t arrive until September now that the Steel Reign update has [...]

Fallout 76's next big update won't arrive until September now that the Steel Reign update has been released, but when that next patch arrives, it'll apparently have something big in store for players. Bethesda teased what's to come recently in the game's latest Inside the Vault post and said that there's a "significant new feature" releasing in September. Players won't have to wait that long to see what the plans are, however, with a reveal planned soon and test server release planned not long after the announcement so that people can go hands-on with whatever this feature is.

As for determining what's coming, that's difficult to do based on what was said in the latest Fallout 76 post. Bethesda acknowledged that it hadn't talked much about the game's next update but teased that important feature and how it'll "give players even more variety" when they're deciding how they'll interact with and experience Fallout 76. For those wanting to know more, Bethesda said to tune into the game's site next week for the reveal.

"We haven't yet discussed what's in store with the September update, but it will include a significant new feature that will give players even more variety in how they choose to experience Fallout 76," Bethesda said. "We're shooting to re-open the Public Test Server this month so that the community can dive into this new feature and begin sharing their feedback with us as soon as possible. While we can't share details just yet, please keep an eye on Fallout.com next week to learn everything you need to know, as well as how you can join the fun in the PTS."

Features typically head to the Public Test Servers pretty soon after they're announced, so it shouldn't be long after next week that players are able to test out this feature themselves. Until then, players have things like the weekly events to look keep them busy.

Those events planned for Fallout 76's next few months were all listed in the game's most up-to-date event roadmap. That roadmap confirmed that the next big update will release in September with things like the Daily Ops Expansion II already known to be included. There's no update currently listed for an August release, but the month has multiple events going on throughout weekends until the new patch is out.