Is BioWare Teasing Imminent Dragon Age and Mass Effect News?

BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah took to Twitter today, and he seems to be teasing both Dragon Age and possibly Mass Effect news. Or he's trolling everybody, including the market team at EA. It's a little unclear. For those that don't follow Darrah on Twitter, he likes to tease fans about both Dragon Age and Mass Effect, but mostly about the former. And tease fans is exactly what he did today. That said, it's unclear what's being teased, we just know that Dragon Age is -- seemingly -- involved in some capacity.

The teases began with the simple tease of "Dragon Age," which was enough to get the attention of fans of the BioWare series. Darrah followed this up by seemingly showing off concept art of some sort and a snowy environment. What these are of, isn't clear, but again they seem to be related to Dragon Age. Could it be a teaser for Dragon Age 4? Or maybe it's a tease for a remaster of Dragon Age Origins or Dragon Age 2? Or maybe it's nothing this exciting, though Darrah sure seems to be excited about it.

Darrah followed up by noting that just two words was enough to get everybody buzzing. But more importantly, he then suggest that there will be some type of news tomorrow.

Of course, the teases didn't end there. Darrah continued by noting there wouldn't be anything about him in the news tomorrow, but that won't stop outlets. Further, he emphasized "ME," which is also the initials of Mass Effect. In other words, maybe Darrah is suggesting we will get Mass Effect news of some sort tomorrow. However, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so this seems unlikely.


Again, nobody seems to know what Darrah is teasing, but it sounds like we'll maybe find out tomorrow? Emphasis on MaybE.