'Borderlands 3' Won’t Feature Handsome Jack, But Will Have Basically Everyone Else

Borderlands 3 will basically feature every character from the previous games -- even Telltale's [...]

Borderlands 3 will basically feature every character from the previous games -- even Telltale's spin-off Tales from the Borderlands -- but it won't feature Handsome Jack in any capacity. According to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, Handsome Jack is 100 percent dead and 100 percent not going to be in the game. However, whether his AI fused with Rhys will rear its head, who knows. Pitchford didn't say one way or another.

Whatever the case, while Handsome Jack won't be in the game, just about everybody else will be. Pitchford made it clear on mutliple occasions that a ton of characters will be returning -- such as Claptrap, Tiny Tina, and even NPCs from previous games. Further, Pitchford also said the original Vault Hunters will be in the game as well, though in what capacity, wasn't made clear. What's perhaps most surprising though is that Gearbox has even decided to have Tales from the Borderlands characters -- such as Rhys and Vaughn -- in the game. Many fans didn't expect this, and as a result many were left pretty ecstatic by the news.

Beyond a host of returning characters, the new trailer also revealed the four new Vault Hunters for the game. However, it didn't disclose any details or the names of any of these characters, but thankfully a leak from earlier this year did just that.

Unamed Siren

(Photo: Gearbox)

The only Vault Hunter's name who hasn't leaked early is perhaps the coolest looking one: a Siren that focuses on melee attacks. Apparently, the unnamed Siren will have some type of ground-pound attack and be able to deploy holograms that can physically attack enemies.


borderlands 3 guy
(Photo: Gearbox)

According to the leaks, Zane is a Batman-esq character who possesses numerous gadgets thanks to his large amount of money and who is a more stealthy character like Zero from Borderlands 2. He will apparently have the ability to summon decoys to distract and confuse enemies.

Moze the Bot Jock

borderlands 3 moze
(Photo: Gearbox)

We've actually known about Moze for the longest, as Gearbox showed the character off back in 2017 when it revealed it was working on a Borderlands game. Moze is able to summon her own powerful mech, which she can ride in, and other characters can also ride on.

Flak the Beastmaster

borderlands 3 flak
(Photo: Gearbox)

Flak is an android who has the power to summon three different AI pets that can help him in battle. At the moment, it hasn't been confirmed, but fans are speculating one of these pets is the the gun with little legs everyone has been freaking out about.

Again, all of these character details -- names, abilities, etc. -- have been gathered from leaks, and while said leaks have proved to be reliable so far, it doesn't mean every single detail will be accurate come launch. In other words, reserve a tiny grain of salt with all of this.

Borderlands 3 currently doesn't have a release date or platforms, but Gearbox has said all of this will be shared on April 3. In the meanwhile, check out this new and convincing fan theory that suggests the game will release on October 1.


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