Borderlands 3: Director's Cut Gets Delayed

The next DLC release for Borderlands 3 was scheduled to release in a week with the launch of [...]

The next DLC release for Borderlands 3 was scheduled to release in a week with the launch of Borderlands 3: Director's Cut, but that release has now been delayed to April 8th instead. Gearbox Software confirmed the delay of the Director's Cut on Thursday and attributed the delay to the severe weather that impacted Texas last month and therefore affected the work done at the Frisco, Texas, Gearbox studio. This release will make up the second part of the game's second season pass.

The update on Borderlands 3: Director's Cut was shared on social media and through the Borderlands site this week. The Borderlands team thanked the community for their understanding and confirmed the new April 8th release date for the Director's Cut.

"Due to challenges arising from the severe weather that impacted Texas last month, the Director's Cut add-on will now launch on April 8," Gearbox said. "Thankfully, all of our team members and their families are safe and healthy, but our work on Director's Cut was unavoidably disrupted and we've ultimately decided to shift the release date to ensure we deliver the best possible experience. We appreciate your understanding, and we're excited for you to play Director's Cut when it releases next month."

Among other things like behind-the-scenes looks at Borderlands 3 and new cosmetics, one of the most enticing parts of the Director's Cut is the new raid boss creature players can take on to get some more of that signature Borderlands loot. The creature is called Hemovorous the Invincible, and for the price of 500 Eridium, players can take on the fight to find a difficult challenge and some new gear.

"This raid boss fight provides one of the greatest end-game challenges veteran Vault Hunters can find—especially since her fearsome strength scales with both your character level beyond 35 and your active Mayhem Mode level," Gearbox said. "Better bring some friends and be ready to get caked in Varkid guts—it's going to get messy!"

Borderlands 3: Director's Cut is scheduled to release on April 8th.