Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut DLC Gets Release Date

After teasing its announcement last week, Gearbox Software finally made things official today by [...]

After teasing its announcement last week, Gearbox Software finally made things official today by revealing the next slate of DLC for Borderlands 3. The "Director's Cut" add-on, as it is called, it slated to release a little over a month from now and will bring with it a ton of new content that will surely bring back Borderlands players in droves.

Borderlands 3's Director's Cut expansion is set to launch next month on March 18, 2021, and will serve as one of the biggest post-launch additions that the game has received so far. This new DLC serves as the second half of content for Season Pass 2 in Borderlands 3 and adds new gear, quests, and even some behind the scenes features showing how the game was made.

Likely the most notable new addition to Borderlands 3 with this add-on comes in the form of a new raid boss. Hemovorous the Invincible is the name of this new baddie and it serves as one of the biggest challenges in the entire game. The boss lies waiting behind a locked door on Pandora and can be challenged at the cost of 500 Eridium. If you want to take down Hemovorous for yourself, you'll likely need to be a very high level and you'll want to have some buddies with you.

Lastly, a new addition known as Vault Cards are also coming to Borderlands 3 in this Director's Cut content. These cards will simply give players different challenges that they can tackle with the rewards coming in the form of new cosmetics and weapons that you can then attach to your character. There will be three Vault Cards launching throughout 2021 with the first arriving alongside Director's Cut. The other two will arrive at later dates within the year.

While this DLC news for Borderlands 3 is pretty big on its own, it's not the lone news related to the series this week. The forthcoming Borderlands movie announced this week that it has added both Jack Black and Jamie Lee Curtis to its cast. Meanwhile, Telltale Games' Tales from the Borderlands is also set to make a return to storefronts quite soon. As a whole, it's a good time to be a fan of Borderlands and that trend should only continue in the future.

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