Borderlands 3 Photo Mode is Now Available on Consoles

Borderlands 3 players who’ve come across some interesting in-game situation or those who have [...]

Borderlands 3 players who've come across some interesting in-game situation or those who have created some stylish Vault Hunters have been able to capture photos of them using the game's photo mode, but only if you were playing on the PC version. Those on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can now take photos as much as they want though now that the game's latest update added photo mode support for consoles.

The photo mode support on consoles earned itself just one line in the Borderlands 3 update's notes, but it marks the arrival of a feature that players have been waiting for since the game launched. Photo mode was always said to come to the consoles at a later date, and thanks to the same patch that marked the release of the Bloody Harvest event and all that entails, it's now landed on consoles.

Borderlands 3's notes for the latest update can be found here to show everything that's changed. Included in the "General" section of the notes is a trio of new features for the console versions of the game, each of which gives PlayStation 4, and Xbox One users something to play with whether it's a harder version of the game, loot drops, or the aforementioned photo mode.

Borderlands 3 Update

  • [Consoles Only] Mayhem mode is now available in True Vault Hunter Mode on Consoles
  • [Consoles Only] Added Photo Mode support for Consoles
  • [Consoles Only] Added ECHOcast Twitch Extension support for Consoles

For anyone who's playing on the PlayStation 4 and follows the official PlayStation account on Twitter, you may be aware that photo mode contests are held periodically to give players a chance to show off their best photos. Now that photo mode support is in Borderlands 3, the next contest will focus on that game.

The same update also added an even more challenging mode to the game now that Mayhem 4 is available. Combine that with the True Vault Hunter Mode that's now available as detailed in the notes above and you'll be in for a much harder round of Borderlands 3.