New Borderlands 3 Update Affects Every Vault Hunter

There’s a new update out now for Borderlands 3 that consists of another series of hotfixes. [...]

There's a new update out now for Borderlands 3 that consists of another series of hotfixes. While past updates have taken a look at different Vault Hunters' abilities to either buff them or nerf them, they often did that through affecting one or two characters at a time. This latest update released on Thursday changed each one of the Vault Hunters at once though by adjusting their Class Mods and various skills.

The Vault Hunter adjustments come straight from the patch notes where the plans for the latest hotfix were outlined. While most of the Vault Hunters had their skills or abilities tweaked, Moze's changes pertained to one of her Class Mods.

"The Bloodletter class mod was creating some overwhelming synergies for Moze so we increased the delay and decreased the recharge rate of the shield to compensate," the patch notes said. "This should help encourage the intended use of this class mod, which is to heal shields manually, not automatically. Means of Destruction's re-trigger delay was adjusted again because the change limited other builds beyond creating infinite grenades. The infinite grenade bug will be addressed in a future patch but we wanted to enable other builds that use Means of Destruction so we dramatically reduced the re-trigger delay to a reasonable number."

You can find each of the Vault Hunter changes below along with some hotfixes fo the game's many weapons.



  • Putting points into Alacrity now awards a reload speed bonus per rank
  • Phasegrasp can now be used on targets further away and the cooldown is now instantly returned if a player misses


  • Bloodletter Class Mod
  • Increased the Recharge Delay by 150%
  • Reduced the Recharge Rate by 50%
  • Addressed a reported bug with Close the Distance so the Action Skill Augment will now deal the intended Shock Damage
  • Means of Destruction now has a re-trigger delay of 0.3 seconds


  • Leave No Trace now has a re-trigger delay set to 0.3 seconds


  • Death Follows Close will correctly update several Kill Skills after unlocking this ability


  • The Lob's projectile tick damage is now 60% of base damage (up from 20%) and projectile speed decelerates faster to increase chances of hitting the same target multiple times
  • Creeping Death damage increased by 200%
  • Carrier damage increased by 60%
  • Gunerang damage increased by 20%
  • All Sniper Rifle Zoom Levels have been slightly reduced
  • Long scopes on Jakobs, Children of the Vault, and DAHL Assault Rifles have also been slightly reduced
  • Anointed Parts:
    • When Zane swaps positions with his Digi-Clone, the damage gained is increased to 130% (up from 75%)
    • When FL4K hits a target with Rakks, the target now takes 100% increased damage (up from 50%)
    • The Anointed part "Increased damage vs Badasses" no longer heals the player and now correctly adds bonus damage to Badass enemies

Borderlands 3's latest update is now out across all platforms.