Borderlands Movie Director Wants to Cast Cosplayers to Kill Them in Creative Ways

The Borderlands franchise has amassed an entire community of dedicated fans over the years, and [...]

The Borderlands franchise has amassed an entire community of dedicated fans over the years, and many of them have unsurprisingly created stunning cosplays recreating some of the games' best characters. Eli Roth, the director of the upcoming Borderlands movie that's just now getting started, has special plans for those cosplayers. He wants to invite some of the best of the best cosplayers from around the world to be in the movie as Psychos, the game's bandit-like enemies that players fight against. Then he wants to kill them off in different creative ways you'd expect to see in a Borderlands movie.

Roth took the stage during the Gearbox Main Theater Show at PAX East to briefly talk about the new film. He began the conversation by reminding those in attendance and watching at home that the film is only just now getting started, so there's not a lot to say about it yet.

What he could say though is that the movie is going to be "great" and "incredible" and that he's excited to join the Borderlands family. He entertained the idea of throwing a bit of Hostel into the movie as well as a reference to the torture porn series he created years ago. It was then that he presented his idea for having cosplayers in the movie who would then die by falling rocks and other Borderlands-style deaths.


"Something that I want to do is – I don't know how we're going to pull this off to pick where we're gonna shoot it – but I want to find the craziest cosplayers and most psycho Psychos around the world, and I want to kill them in the movie," Roth said after giving a nod to the cosplayers in attendance at the show. "I don't want to just put them in the movie like 'Oh, there's a cosplayer.' I want something horrible crushing you, or some awful death. Because for the superfans of the game to not only live in it and be in it, but when we get to actually build the world, we want to find people around the world and bring them in and just maim them. Just do horrible things to them."

Roth said it'll be a long way to get there before the cosplay appearances happen and the movie is released, but there's at least an exciting plan in place for cosplayers. He's certainly got the creative killings down given his experience with Hostel, so expect to see those innovations in the Borderlands movie somehow