Borderlands Movie Ending Could Tease Handsome Jack

The upcoming Borderlands movie could end up teasing the arrival of one of the most beloved [...]

The upcoming Borderlands movie could end up teasing the arrival of one of the most beloved characters from the video game franchise. Specifically, that character is Handsome Jack, who is the most iconic villain attached to the Borderlands series. While Jack seemingly won't be appearing in this upcoming video game adaptation, it seems like he could show up in a potential sequel.

News of Handsome Jack potentially appearing in a future Borderlands film comes directly from Gearbox Software head Randy Pitchford. In a recent interaction on social media, Pitchford teased that Handsome Jack could be alluded to at the end of Borderlands. Pitchford talked about the conclusion of the movie with Anthony Burch, who is actually one of the writers behind Borderlands 2. "We shot a bunch of different options for zingers," Pitchford said of the ending of the film. "Assuming we actually end up doing one, I'd say your odds are just about right."

As Pitchford went on to note, though, he's very much giving director Eli Roth the creative freedom to do what he believes would be best in Borderlands. With this in mind, Roth could opt to go in a different direction when it comes to the movie's conclusion. If it were left up to Pitchford, though, he very much seems to be in favor of teasing Handsome Jack for a future film.

At this point in time, we still don't know a whole lot about when Borderlands will actually be releasing. Filming for the project just finished up last month, but the movie's distributor Lionsgate still hasn't announced a release date. In all likelihood, the film should hit theaters at some point in 2022.

So how would you feel about this potential ending for Borderlands? Would you like to see Handsome Jack show up in a future movie? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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