Borderlands Movie Adds Janina Gavankar to Cast as New Character Commander Knoxx

The Borderlands movie has added another star to its cast today, this time around with Janina [...]

The Borderlands movie has added another star to its cast today, this time around with Janina Gavankar. The actress who has previously appeared in projects like The Way Back, True Blood, and Blindspotting will be filling a bit of a different role in the film compared to some of her co-stars like Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Cate Blanchett. Rather than playing a character that fans might already be familiar with, Gavankar will instead be portraying someone entirely new in this universe.

The news of Gavankar's addition to Borderlands was revealed today on Twitter by Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford. The head honcho of the studio behind the Borderlands video game series said that he specifically was the one who named the character for this movie. "Janina Gavankar will join the cast of the Borderlands movie as an all-new character I named specifically for this story," Pitchford stated. "Janina will play Commander Knoxx, who followed in her father's footsteps when she joined Atlas' private army, the Crimson Lance. She is, in a word, badass."

Gavankar as a whole is someone who has been very much associated with video games in the past, which makes her appearance in Borderlands quite fitting. Previously, the actress has starred in games such as Star Wars Battlefront II, Horizon Zero Dawn, Far Cry 4, and Afterparty. Her appearance in Borderlands will mark the first instance in which she has worked with the series in any capacity, however.

As of this writing, Gavankar's Commander Knoxx is actually the tenth character that has been confirmed to appear in the movie. In recent weeks, Lionsgate has been on a tear of confirming additional actors and actresses that are now attached to the film. If you'd like to see everyone else that is currently set to appear in Borderlands, you can check out the full list right here.

For now, Borderlands still doesn't have a release date, so it's hard to know when we should expect to see it hit theaters. Fortunately, production for the project has now officially started, which means we should start to hear more from Lionsgate about its release plans in the coming weeks and months.