Brief Glimpse Of Super Mario Odyssey’s Worlds Revealed

There’s no doubt that Nintendo will have big plans for the Electronic Entertainment Expo next [...]


There's no doubt that Nintendo will have big plans for the Electronic Entertainment Expo next month, and part of those plans include a fully playable Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch. But it turns out that won't be the first public showcase for the game.

A video that was posted on YouTube back in January, which you can also see above, has a showcase of Super Mario Odyssey taken straight from the Tokyo Big Sight event, and while it doesn't appear the game is playable there (an advantage E3 will clearly have next month), it does provide a peek at a couple of things.

The first is a hint at the airship that Mario will be able to ride around as he gets from world to world, taking on a variety of levels. The airship looks a bit basic in design, but still appears to be quite mobile when it comes to helping our favorite plumber travel around.

But, more interestingly, the video screen in the background shows hints at two of the levels that will be featured in the final game – and they look to be quite challenging.

The first level appears to take place in New Donk City, atop a skyscraper. This appears to be a playable level within the game, thanks to the appearance of certain enemies (like an air-based tank that enjoys shooting out bullets) and some kind of transporter mark at the top of the building, highlighted by some sort of rainbow-colored rays.

The second level featured in the video provides a small but sufficient glimpse at the large desert world, something that was hinted at in previous videos for the Switch, including a clip where Mario appears to be running through a small desert town. It all appears to tie together into a much larger world.

We'll see more of what the game has to offer in just a few weeks, as Nintendo is likely to have a new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey in store for us, along with the playable demos on the E3 show floor. Nintendo fans are certainly in for a treat.

Super Mario Odyssey releases later this year for Nintendo Switch.