Call of Duty 2020 Leaked Gameplay: 5 Big Details You Missed

Our first look at Call of Duty 2020, believed to be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, was [...]

Our first look at Call of Duty 2020, believed to be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, was revealed this week when nearly two minutes of gameplay footage leaked. The leak has since been substantiated by a few noteworthy Call of Duty insiders, but unfortunately, that doesn't change the fact that it's blurry and features pre-alpha footage. In other words, old footage of the game, which means it's a very rough look at the game.

That said, while the footage doesn't provide the greatest look at the game, it does reveal a few interesting details that everyone seems to be overlooking. On the surface level, the new entry looks like a mix of Black Ops 4 and Modern Warfare. And this makes sense, it uses the engine of the latter, but is from Black Ops developer Treyarch. One thing in particular that stuck out was that you mantle onto objects in almost the same exact way you do in Modern Warfare.

The game looks a lot like Modern Warfare, just smoother and a bit faster. Of course, this could change over time, but it's what immediately sticks out in the footage. That said, the following five details may have been missed by some:

  • The circle minimap can be seen in the top left corner. That said, it's not clear if this is the regular minimap. Because there are no enemies in the gameplay footage, there's no way to know if "red dots" are back.
  • What's also on the screen, or more specifically at the top of the screen, is the compass, which looks just like the compass in Modern Warfare.
  • There's no sliding mechanic. The video doesn't demonstrate this per se, but the leaker who leaked the footage claims that, at least right now, there's no sliding mechanic.
  • A Diaylser Robotics logo from Black Ops 4 can be seen in the footage.
  • The red dot sight is identical to the red dot sight in the original Black Ops.

Again, it's important to note that not only is this alleged footage of the game, but it's pre-alpha footage, which means it's far from final. The point being, take everything here with a grain of salt. Nothing here is official, and it's all subject to change.

Call of Duty 2020 has not been officially revealed, but this is expected to change soon. For more news, rumors, leaks, and every other type of coverage on the Call of Duty series, click here.