Rumor: Call of Duty: Battle Royale Coming to Nintendo Switch

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A new rumor suggests that a Call of Duty Battle Royale game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

The rumor comes from Gaming INTEL by way of a "tipster" who suggested that a battle royale version of Call of Duty is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This would make the Call of Duty game the first to be released on the Nintendo Switch, not to mention the first battle royale game in the series. According to Gaming INTEL, the source wished to stay anonymous, but the leak was crosschecked with the site's own sources and was said to be trustworthy.

While the battle royale edition of Call of Duty hasn't been officially announced, there have been rumors and reports that suggested Activision would embrace the battle royale trend and create its own version of the multiplayer battle. However, this unnamed game that we'll refer to as Call of Duty: Battle Royale isn't expected to be part of Black Ops 4 but will instead be a separate game, though Gaming INTEL says it'll be bundled with the latest Black Ops title. Call of Duty: Battle Royale will supposedly be sold for the Nintendo Switch as a separate product since Black Ops 4 will not be releasing for Nintendo's new console.

In addition to the Nintendo Switch news, Gaming INTEL also says that Call of Duty Battle Royale has a release date that'll put the game out at the same time as Black Ops 4. The Battle Royale game is said to be released on Oct. 12, the same day that Black Ops 4 will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If Call of Duty: Battle Royale is actually releasing at the same time as the Black Ops game and is indeed a separate project, one would think that there's a chance that it would cut into Black Ops 4's multiplayer audience. It could be that it's bundled into the purchase by default and will just be sold as a standalone game as well, but there are too many questions remaining to say for certain, at least until Activision announces their plans for the two projects.


Just days ago, we reported on the Battle Royale rumor with a rumor that suggested Raven Software was heading up the project. It was referred to as a "mode" at that time, but if Gaming INTEL's sources are accurate, it'll be much more than just a mode.