Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Player Gets Two First Blood Medals at Once

A Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War player managed to pull off a trick in the game’s Multiplayer mode that you don’t see too often: They got two First Blood medals at the same time. It’s not a trick that’s unheard of since other players have recounted doing the same thing in the past, but it’s one that happens seldom enough in a Call of Duty game that it’s worth taking a look at to see how it played out.

The Black Ops Cold War player who goes by T1D4470 within the game’s subreddit can be credited with the clip below that shows how one can possibly achieve two First Blood medals at the same time. Starting out a Multiplayer match of Domination with a Pellington 703, the player lined up a shot on one rival sniper across the map to secure the first kill. It just so happened that another opponent ran in the line of fire at the last second to net T1D4470 a Collateral meal thus ensuring they got not one but two First Bloods.

Apparently you can get two first blood medals if you get a collateral. from r/blackopscoldwar

As indicated by the medals flashing near the top of the player’s screen, they got a X2 on their First Blood medal to show that both kills counted for the award. A Collateral is pretty much the most obvious way that one would expect to get two First Bloods in a match since the kills happen simultaneously, but it’s still an occurrence that might never have seemed possible to many players considering how rare it is to come across.

Aside from Collateral kills, explosives are another way that players can get two First Blood medals at once with a bit less precision required compared to what a Collateral with a sniper rifle calls for. Other players in the comments said that they’d had success getting multiple First Bloods by using explosives in Black Ops Cold War while some said they’d been able to pull of the same trick using the snipers.

There’s a chance you’ll see this move in one of your Black Ops Cold War matches since there are a number of ways to achieve it, but it’s a trick worth clipping every time regardless.