Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's New Patch Fixes Various Bugs

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has gotten a new patch that fixes a variety of bugs in the game. Call of Duty is one of the most well-oiled machines in gaming. People have been playing it for 20 years and Activision has ensured there is a new one to play every single fall, without fail. The quality of some of those entries have varied over the years, but there is always Call of Duty and it is almost always the best selling game of the year. With that said, such a massive franchise that is annualized means players are playing it all year round so a great deal of maintenance is required to keep the gears turning.

Infinity Ward has released a new patch for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which includes a handful of new fixes. The new patch doesn't have anything too crazy, but it does fix known crashes, some issues in Ranked Play, and more taht have been plaguing the game. Some players may not have experienced these issues, so you may not even notice the difference. However, if you're wondering why your game had to update, you can find all of the changes in the patch notes below.


  • Stability

    • This update contains fixes for a number of known crashes. 

  • Updates

    • Ranked: Players that don't immediately transition to spectating after being eliminated will now notice their point-of-view fade to black until they begin spectating.


  • Fixed an issue preventing some Camo Mission Completion splashes from triggering upon mission completion 

  • Fixed an issue causing unintended idle Operator audio to play in the pre-game Lobby

  • Fixed an issue sometimes preventing the Killcam from triggering

  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly displayed a Player's COD Points balance on some tabs

  • Fixed an issue causing some weapon icons to display incorrectly in DMZ

  • Fixed an issue that displayed unavailable Operators in the Operator Challenges menu

  • Fixed an issue where previewing a weapon in the Showcase could cause a black screen

  • Fixed an exploit allowing Players to leave the Map on Ashika Island

  • Fixed an issue causing some Players to get stuck in the menu due to incorrect notifications

  • Fixed an issue impacting challenge progress for Mortar Strikes

  • Fixed some instances of menus closing unexpectedly

  • Fixed an exploit in the Atomgrad Raid Episode 02 that allowed Players to bypass part of the mission 

  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect text to display in some Challenge menus

  • Fixed an issue causing some Killstreaks bought from the Buy Station to drop under the Map or behind the Buy Station

  • RANKED: Fixed an issue that allowed Blueprints to apply Weapon Tuning adjustments. 
    • Weapon Tuning (All) was restricted on March 15, 2023.