Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Battle Royale Map Reportedly Leaks

A battle royale mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare still hasn’t been officially confirmed [...]

A battle royale mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare still hasn't been officially confirmed despite numerous leaks and rumors hinting at its existence, but it looks like we might've gotten our best look at the new game mode's map. Thanks to a discovery from one Modern Warfare player who escaped the confines of the new Atlas Superstore battleground, the community has been treated to what appears to be an aerial view of the battle royale layout which also happens to line up with leaks from months ago.

Call of Duty YouTuber PrestigeIsKey shared the latest in many battle royale leaks by showing off some screenshots from the Atlas Superstore map. The catch here is that the screenshots aren't actually within the map – they're from far above it.

The content creator said they were able to explore the entire Atlas Superstore map by going into a private game and becoming the COD Caster, a spectator tool used to get an encompassing look at the match. Low-quality points of interest appeared all throughout the map once the player flew up high enough with the fourth image in the collection showing an overview of the map from a top-down perspective.

For those familiar with the battle royale scene, you'll notice that this fourth image looks a whole lot like a map layout fitting for that genre. Segmented by roads and other types of terrain, the map appears to have several notable locations that could serve as key points of interest in a battle royale mode.

As others pointed out, this isn't the first time that we've gotten a look at the suspected battle royale map, but it is the best look that we've gotten to date. Other maps offered similar aerial views of this map when they were released, but as the YouTuber pointed out, none of them were quite as generous with what they showed as this Atlas Superstore trick has been.

Video of Full Battle ROYALE Map from r/modernwarfare

The video above is one example of this. Shared months ago on Reddit, it offered a similar perspective of a large battleground which people initially thought would belong to a battle royale mode. Numerous teasers and leaked images have been shared since then though with Activision and Infinity Ward still staying quiet on any official confirmation.