Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Makes One Small But Infuriating Change

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta opened for the first time this past weekend, available to [...]

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta opened for the first time this past weekend, available to only to the folks on PS4 who had preordered the game. The multiplayer beta introduced everyone to some new game modes, like the exciting Night Mode, and gave everyone a glimpse into the updated gameplay. As many have noted already, thanks to the early 2v2 alpha test and early access event, Modern Warfare is perhaps the best entry in the Call of Duty series in some time, as it gets back to the gameplay and visual style of the original Modern Warfare and its highly-praised sequel. However, as much fun as the new Modern Warfare beta has been to play, there is one small factor that is sure to infuriate those who have followed Call of Duty for any amount of time.

While every game has its own scoring system, the one metric that is universally accepted by Call of Duty players is the Kill/Death Ratio, which determines one's skill based on how many kills they've made versus how many times they've died in any given match. Those of us who have been playing Call of Duty for years have taken to the annoying habit of hitting that middle button and checking our kills and deaths several times throughout every match, especially after we're killed. A slight change made in Modern Warfare takes some of the agonizing joy out of that process, only showing some parts of the classic scoreboard. If you're playing Team Deathmatch there's no way to see your total deaths until the game is over.

The point of Team Deathmatch is to kill your opponent without being killed, that's it. The in-game scoreboard somehow forgets that and only shows your overall score, kills count, and assists. The only way to know how many times you've died is to either count yourself, or wait to see the total when the match is over. No more compulsive checking on your K/D Ratio.

To things even more frustrating, this same issue extends to other game modes. Take Domination, for instance. When checking the in-game scoreboard during a Domination match, you can see both your kills and deaths, but missing altogether are your Capture and Defend stats. You know, the stats that actually matter to Domination.

It seems like every game mode throughout the Modern Warfare beta is missing key stats important to players, which can be immensely frustrating. But isn't this kind of the point of a beta test? Infinity Ward will undoubtedly make some tweaks to the online play between now and the actual launch of the game on October 25th, so there's a good chance this issue will be taken care of by then.

Have you tried out the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta yet? Are you picking the game up next month? Let us know in the comments!