New Call of Duty: Warzone Skin Is Causing Controversy

A new Call of Duty: Warzone skin is causing controversy, though according to various reports, the situation is not as dire as it seems. A new, upcoming skin has been dubbed "Roze 2.0" by players for its similarities to the Roze skin, which, before it was patched and fixed, was slammed for being too hard to see. And because the skin was locked behind a paywall, players quickly began to slam the game as pay-to-win. Players using it did have an unfair advantage, but eventually, it was fixed.

The skin you can see in the ModernWarzone tweet below isn't in the game yet, but some players have been able to get their hands on it early and test it out, which in turn has revealed it's more post-patch Roze than pre-patch Roze. In other words, it shouldn't be a problem. Will it be more effective than some other skins? Of course, but it shouldn't be to the point that it breaks the game.

Until the skin is officially out we won't know with 100 percent certainty if the skin is going to be a problem, but right now, it seems like if it's going to be a problem, it won't be a Roze 2.0-level problem.

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