Long Lost Nintendo 64 Game 'Dragon Sword' May Finish Development After 20 Years

It’s always interesting to hear about games that were well in development but, for some reason [...]

It's always interesting to hear about games that were well in development but, for some reason or another, never got a chance to truly shine in terms of a finished project. And we've seen a few of those on Nintendo 64, but how many of you have heard of a game called Dragon Sword?

Dragon Sword

Back around the late 90's, this hack and slash adventure was in the works, being put together by a developer called Team Storm at Interactive Studios, which also worked on the platformer Glover. At one point, the game was looking to come together pretty nicely, but then development stopped due to "unknown complications relating to its publisher", according to this report from Nintendo Life. Does that mean this was another doomed project that would never see the light of day?

Perhaps not. The site recently pointed out a tweet from a company called Piko Interactive, which previously worked on another unreleased Nintendo 64 game called 40 Winks, which was recently resurrected with some help via Kickstarter, as you can see from our previous report. It turns out that they've acquired the source code to Dragon Sword, hinting that something could be done with it this year. You can see the tweet from the company below.

That's all the company has said at this point, as it didn't indicate whether Dragon Sword would take the Kickstarter route like 40 Winks did, or if the studio would be able to finish it on their own. Guess we'll have to wait and see what comes from this. But whatever the case, like 40 Winks, it's sure to have some level of fascination with fans of that particular console. And, let's be honest, we're down for a good ol' hack-and-slash adventure, compared to the much darker games we've played through as of late. Besides, that lizard you're going up against looks mighty hungry.

We'll keep you informed on the game's progress as it goes along!

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(Hat tip to Nintendo Life for the scoop!)