Yes, 'Castlevania' Is Still Scheduled to Come Back This Summer

The crew behind the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania is here to remind you that yes, there is [...]

The crew behind the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania is here to remind you that yes, there is indeed a second season on the way and it will have even more episodes than the first, much shorter, season last year.

Though this isn't news, in fact we covered it this past Summer, it appears that many did in fact miss the memo. The reactions were priceless and it's easy to see that fans of the beloved franchise are excited to see their favourites once more back on TV.

As included in our previous coverage:

"The lineup of writers and producers is legendary. Everyone involved in this project has a storied past and loaded resume. Warren Ellis has played an undeniable role in shaping the modern Marvel Cinematic Universe and Tony Stark's most influential story arc; Fred Seibert is a legendary cartoonist perhaps best known for Adventure Time; Adi Shankar has been trusted with some of nerddom's most sacred heroes and stories and turned them into incredibly compelling shorts -- he's also going to be producing an original Assassin's Creed anime as well."

Netflix has approved of production for season 2 of the much anticipated Castlevania animated series and ordered eight episodes for the new season which is double that of the first! The series will likely continue the storyline, adapting the plot from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. At first it seemed that given the few number of episodes, it was originally meant to be the first half of a two-part season, but it is likely that the new order has been adapted to a separate, new installment to feel more self-contained. The voice cast is expected to return including Graham McTavish as Dracula and Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont.

While some critics have pointed out some flaws in the new series, they do seem to believe that the show is on the right track to be a solid video game adaptation. Hopefully, season 2 will address these concerns and deliver a biting, immortal take on the Dracula story.