Alleged 'Catherine: Full Body' Transphobic Ending Leaked, But It Might Not Be What You Think

Update: A new post has been added with the scene in question - SPOILERSThe PlayStation 3 [...]

Update: A new post has been added with the scene in question - SPOILERS

The PlayStation 3 classically twisted title Catherine is officially coming back for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita systems, and while fans originally couldn't wait to dive back into the weirdly perverse (yet awesome) game with Full Body, the call to boycott is getting louder and louder once a controversial "good ending" was discovered. That being said, new info has surfaced saying it's not what the original post is making it seem like.

According to a ResetEra post that went viral, a leak spread like wildfire suggesting that Catherine went back in time to give the protagonist a "better life," making it seem that transitioning was the cause of her depression. Fans of the franchise immediately went up in arms stating that this leak was transphobic in its implication that transitioning implies mental decay - and it absolutely would ... if it were true.

Though we haven't played through the entire game ourselves yet, though we did reach out to Atlus for comment, but one player came forward to state that they've played the game in its entirety and that the leaked ending isn't what people are saying it is:

According to the post contradicting the original post that sparked backlash, Tobby didn't know Erica before she transitioned. The rebuttal added, "The rumor about Catherine trying to improve Erica's life and doing so by stopping her from transitioning is false. Nor does Erica "come out as a gay man" in the end."

We're digging into this now to see what the actual intent is behind one of the story's endings because if the original leak was true in its form, it would be an incredibly tasteless move on the studio's part. If it's not true, then that means another case of a game of telephone going wrong once more.

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