New Chivalry 2 Content Teased

Chivalry 2 has a whole roadmap worth of content planned for the game, and ahead of some of those [...]

Chivalry 2 has a whole roadmap worth of content planned for the game, and ahead of some of those features' releases, developer Torn Banner Studios showed off some of what's planned. A preview shared on Twitter showed that in the game's first big content update that's "coming soon to all platforms," players will be able to utilize new voice personalities for their characters. That and more is included in the Content Update 1 release, though an actual release date for that patch hasn't been given yet.

Rasmus Löfström, the game director working on Chivalry 2, shared a teaser for what's to come on Twitter this weekend. The brief audio clip below showed off some of the content coming that's related to the new voice personalities that'll be added soon. Löfström also encouraged players to check out the game's roadmap to see what else was planned.

Like many game developers do now, Torn Banner Studios hosts Chivalry 2's roadmap on Trello for people to see what's coming and when. Over on that roadmap, we see a couple of different things planned for Content Update 1. The full list of content can be seen below, though as is the case with any sort of update, all of this is subject to change.

Chivalry 2 Roadmap

  • Team Objective – Galencourt
  • +1 unannounced map
  • TBA – New Gamemode
  • New character voices
  • More character customization
  • Player Profile Screen
  • Arrow Cam
  • Text chat moderation tools
  • [GAMEPAD] Accidental customization purchases
  • Weapon customization options
  • And much more

With Löfström teasing this voice expansion on Twitter before its release, perhaps we'll get teasers about everything else that's coming before it's released as well. The two most enticing parts of the update overall are the new unannounced map and the new game mode being added, though we don't know anything about either of those just yet.

During a pre-release interview, Torn Banner Studios said it plans to be "incredibly agile" with its patches and that players would be "very pleasantly surprised" with how quickly new content was released. Based on those comments, we'll hope that the Content Update 1 releases sooner rather than later.