Chivalry 2 Players Will Be "Very Pleasantly Surprised" at How Quickly New Content Releases

Chivalry 2 players got a taste of the game prior to the June 8th launch through betas other [...]

Chivalry 2 players got a taste of the game prior to the June 8th launch through betas other previews before release, but the launch version of the game has extra content not included previously like two more maps. Despite being focused on the launch right now, developer Torn Banner Studios said it's already looking ahead to what's coming for Chivalry 2 in the future. That's to be expected of any developer who's just launched a game, but Torn Banner Studios said players should be "very pleasantly surprised" at just how quickly some of that new content will release.

For those who didn't partake in the first Chivalry game or the betas for the second, Chivalry 2 pits two teams of players against each other on vast battlefields filled with skirmishes, objectives, and creative solutions to medieval problems. Conventional modes consisting of team-based objectives, free-for-all fights, and team deathmatch battles comprise the core experience across eight maps with much deeper opportunities for combat mastery and customization stemming from the class types and progression systems.

That's the quick summation of the launch content, but even before games release, players want to know what's coming next. In an interview with Alex Hayter, Brand Director at Torn Banner Studios, asked about the developer's post-launch plans for supporting Chivalry 2. Hayter said both the game and the studio itself are structured in a way to prop Chivalry 2 up as a "long-term project." As for that long-term content, Hayter said the team's decisions will be shaped in part by what the community wants.

"Certainly, the content that we will be adding post launch will be largely dictated by what the community wants," Hayter said. "So, to a degree, we don't know yet but we'll be adding in the long term."

While players wait on whatever that long-term content may be, Hayter said the short-term plans will leave players surprised at how quickly content releases. Hayter said the game's post-launch content will allow players to see more of Chivalry 2's underlying war story between the Agatha Knights and the Mason Order and how their struggles play out.

"In the short term – the very short term – we're already working on more content to come," Hayter said. "We think players will be very pleasantly surprised at how rapidly we will be releasing significant new content for the game. We'll have information coming out in the very near future about what content will be coming after launch."

Chivalry 2 is now available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the PC via the Epic Games Store.