Video of Chrissy Teigen Ignoring a Lakers Game to Play Super Mario Odyssey Proves She's One of Us

Sometimes you peek out into the world of pop culture and see someone you really respect doing [...]

Sometimes you peek out into the world of pop culture and see someone you really respect doing something totally nerdy and, for some reason, it feels so good. I'm not a Berklee educated guitar prodigy, so it's nice to know that John Mayer slacks off sometimes to play video games or go explore Japan. If I found myself sitting across a table from model Christine Teigen, I would just assume that I don't have anything interesting to say to her -- unless I know how to score some hidden Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey. Check out this tweet Teigen shared with her fans last night:

For a split second, we can see that Teigen was attending last night's Lakers game against Denver, probably with her husband John Legend. The majority of the video's attention though, like Teigen's attention, is focused on Super Mario Odyssey, which is lying indiscreetly in her lap. Hell yes. This is you at the high-school pep rally you care nothing about. This was me at all of my sister's dance recitals growing up. This is all of us waiting for the next flight during a layover.

A quick perusal of Teigen's recent tweets reveals an ongoing struggle; a long road that many of us have traveled or happen to be traveling still. If you've played through Super Mario Odyssey, then you know that things really ramp up once you hit New Donk City, and that's precisely where we see Teigen make the transition to active nerddom:

We've all been there. When you start appealing to the outside world for help -- help from anyone, anywhere, who might know how to get past the boss, puzzle, or challenge which bars your progress -- you know you're a true gamer. This woman just wants to see the next beautiful Kingdom. Fast-forward a bit and we see that Teigen managed to make her way to a certain squirmy boss, but things weren't going too well:

Of course, we all know that this story had a happy ending, because we know that Teigen eventually made it to the Seaside Kingdom (one of the best in the game!). There are some tough challenges in her imminent future, but it looks like she has things on lock. We've got your back, Chrissy. There's a beautiful surprise waiting for you at the end of your journey, and there's another Lakers game tomorrow night... You know what to do.