Critical Role and Steamforged Reveal Caduceus Miniature

The newest member of the Mighty Nein finally has his own miniature. Steamforged Games revealed the latest pair of miniatures in their line of Critical Role line, which features characters from the popular Dungeons & Dragons webseries. The new pair of miniatures include Caduceus Clay, a firbolg cleric played by Taliesin Jaffe. While Caduceus is a core member of the Mighty Nein, the character was not included in Steamforged's initial Critical Role miniature set, which was distributed to fans after a successful Kickstarter last year.

The reason for Caduceus's exclusion from the Kickstarter set was simple - Caduceus hadn't appeared on Critical Role when the Kickstarter was launched. Instead, the Kickstarter set (which has a planned retail release set for later this year) includes Jaffe's previous character Mollymauk Tealeaf, who unfortunately died just a few weeks after the initial Kickstarter was launched. Caduceus didn't appear in Critical Role until after the Kickstarter was finished, so he had to be made as a special edition miniature.

Caduceus's miniature will be produced using resin and will only be available for a limited time. Fans can pre-order the Caduceus miniature through August 5th and will be available on Steamforged's website until August 19th. Those attending Gen Con can also pick up their pre-ordered miniature at the convention.

In addition to Caduceus, Steamforged is also producing a Limited Edition miniature of Avantika, a pirate seeking to release the dread demi-god Uka'toa. Avantika was one of the more memorable villains of Critical Role's second campaign and was played (like all NPCs) by DM Matthew Mercer.


Both the Caduceus miniature and the Avantika miniature are available for pre-order for $15.00 on Steamforged's website. Distribution will begin on August 19th.