Critical Role Just Had a Major Campaign Crossover

Critical Role had one of its first major campaign crossovers last night, bringing back a beloved NPC from its first campaign. Over the last four years, Critical Role fans have watched as the cast of voice actors has explored the world of Exandria, a campaign setting created by Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer. The show is now in its second D&D campaign, but while both the original Vox Machina campaign and the current Mighty Nein campaigns are both set in the same world, the ties between the two campaigns have been relatively rare as they take place on separate continents. Outside of the occasional reference to a location visited by Vox Machina or an NPC reading a novel written by a character from the first campaign, the two campaigns have largely been kept apart.

That all changed in last night's episode when Allura Vysoren returned to assist the Mighty Nein in the current quest. Allura was a major NPC in the first campaign and actually sent Vox Machina on the quest that players watched when Critical Role started airing back in 2015. Allura assisted Vox Machina in several critical battles and quests throughout the first campaign. Allura was arguably one of the most powerful NPCs that Vox Machina had met and befriended, and she's now returned as a potential ally for the Mighty Nein.

While we'll keep the details of Allura's appearance vague for those who want to watch the moment for themselves, her arrival comes at a fortuitous time in the campaign. The Mighty Nein has suffered from a series of setbacks in recent episodes and Allura could help solve some or all of the group's problems.

You can watch Allura's surprise re-appearance in the latest episode, which is available on demand for Twitch subscribers. The new episode will also be posted on Critical Role's YouTube channel on Monday.