Critical Role Debuts Epic End Boss Figure

Critical Role's second campaign is coming to an end, and this week's episode showed off the first [...]

Critical Role's second campaign is coming to an end, and this week's episode showed off the first of two custom-made figures that shows the end boss in all their horrific glory. Earlier this week, Critical Role DM Matt Mercer announced that their second campaign would conclude at the end of the current arc. With the final confrontation between the Mighty Nein and their final foe imminent, DM Matt Mercer shared a preview of one of the boss's custom-made figures. Obviously, spoilers follow:

That is Lucien, the Blood Hunter tiefling leader of the Tomb Takers, now empowered with the powers of the living city Cognouza. While Lucien was originally tasked with brining Cognouza back from the Astral Sea, he instead stole the powers of the Somnovem and emerged with god-like powers. It seems that Lucien physically merged with the Somnovem, as each of the eyes bear the names of one of the mutated wizards who had controlled Cognouza up until now. The figure itself was sculpted by Tomm Lishmann of Steamforged Games.

Lucien's nine eyestalks has drawn comparisons to a beholder, and he even has some similar powers. Each of the eyestalks have different abilities, with one emitting an anti-magic cone with powers similar to that of a beholder. Other eyes had the ability to shoot fire and necrotic energy, giving him plenty of options for attacks.

Surprisingly, the form shown above isn't even Lucien's final form. At the end of last night's episode, Lucien merged with the city of Cognouza itself, transforming into a creature made up of both buildings and flesh. Mercer debated sharing Lucien's second form with the cast and audience, but decided to hold off until the following week's episode.

It appears that the final showdown between Lucien and the Mighty Nein will take place next week. We'll have to wait until then to see Lucien's final form and find out the Mighty Nein's final fate.

Critical Role airs every Thursday at 7 PM PT on their Twitch channel. VOD of every episode are posted to their YouTube channel the following week.