Critical Role's Campaign 2 Is Ending Soon

The current Dungeons & Dragons campaign of Critical Role is coming to an end. Cast member and Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer confirmed that the current arc, which has pitted the heroic Mighty Nein against their old teammate Mollymauk/Lucien, will mark the end of the current campaign. The latest episode seemed to heavily tease a final showdown between the Mighty Nein and Lucien was imminent.

The Mighty Nein campaign first debuted back in 2018 and has run for 138 episodes to date. The campaign has followed the Mighty Nein from their origins as an ethically dubious adventuring team and followed their growth into peacekeepers and world-savers. Not only did the Mighty Nein bring an end to a war between the Kryn Dynasty and the Dwendalian Empire, they also prevented the emergence of Uk'otoa, a powerful sea serpent-like creature tied to one of its members. As Critical Role episodes typically run between 3-4 hours in length, fans have watched the Mighty Nein's growth over the course of 400+ hours of programming.

Mercer was quick to note that while the current campaign was ending, the Mighty Nein's story wasn't finished. Critical Role has revisited the characters of the first campaign in several one-shot specials and the characters have also appeared in comic books and an upcoming animated television show.


It'll be interesting to see what comes next for Critical Role. The show has morphed from a simple "let's play" web series featuring a group of voice actors to an entertainment juggernaut, with the show raising over $12 million to finance an animated series production. And while Critical Role merchandise can now be found at places like Hot Topic and Barnes and Noble, the show's core programming remains centered on the weekly roleplaying game between friends. We'll provide more updates about the end of Critical Role's current campaign and what's next for the show as news becomes available.