Critical Role's Next Miniatures Revealed

A new set of Critical Role miniatures are coming to game stores early next year. WizKids has revealed a new set of Mighty Nein miniatures, featuring the heroes of the second campaign in winter outfits. The designs are based off of Ariana Orner's official artwork from Campaign 2, showcasing the group's new outfits as they made their way into the frozen lands of Eiselcross. The set includes miniatures of Yasha Nydoorin, Fjord Stone, Jester Lavorre, Veth Brenatto, Beauregard Lionett, Caleb Widogast, ahd Caduceus Clay in their winter outfits, along with miniatures of Mollymauk Tealeaf and Nott the Brave (the former of which wasn't present with the Mighty Nein during that part of the campaign, while the latter had already transformed back to Veth by that part of the campaing.) The miniatures will be released in a special boxed set that will be available in March 2023 for $69.99.

The new set means that WizKids will have produced pre-painted miniatures of every Critical Role main cast character. A Bell's Hell boxed set was released earlier this year, while a Vox Machina set will be released in early 2023. WizKids has also released numerous other premium boxed sets containing miniatures of various Critical Role NPCs, monsters, and guest characters.

Critical Role recently brought back The Mighty Nein in a two-part epilogue adventure, which seeks to wrap up a lingering subplot concerning the rise of Uka'toa, a leviathan demigod connected to Fjord. The first episode aired in late November and the second part airs in December. 

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