Critical Role Provides Campaign 3 Update

Critical Role provided fans with a brief update on the next full-length campaign. Earlier today, [...]

Critical Role provided fans with a brief update on the next full-length campaign. Earlier today, Critical Role announced Exandria Unlimited, a new limited series that will run on Critical Role's streaming channels over the summer. Exandria Unlimited will feature a mix of returning Critical Role cast members and several new players, including a new game master Aabria Iyengar. During the announcement, Matt Mercer provided a brief update about the next full-length campaign featuring the full cast. He noted that Campaign 3 "is happening" and that Critical Role would provide an update about the next campaign towards the end of the summer. Mercer also jokingly noted that he needed to get started on preparations with the new campaign now that Campaign 2 was wrapped.

A break in between Critical Role campaigns isn't exactly a surprise, as there was a lengthy break between Campaign 1 and Campaign 2. Campaign 1 wrapped up in October 2017 and the show took a "break" until January 2018. Critical Role still produced content during its first break, similar to how Critical Role will air Exandria Unlimited this summer.

One reason for the extended break could be because of Exandria Unlimited's format. The show is set after both Campaign 1 and Campaign 2 and is considered "canon" within the Critical Role universe. We know, at least initially, that the adventure will take place in Emon, which is still recovering from a devastating dragon attack that took place in Campaign 1. Depending on where Iyengar leads her players, it could impact Mercer's plans as he plots out his next big adventure in Exandria. Of course, it is just as likely that Mercer sets his third campaign in another one of Exandria's unexplored continents, just as Campaign 2 took place on Wildemount while Campaign 1 took place on the continent of Tal'Dorei. There are two continents that are mostly unexplored - Issylra and Marquet - although both have been briefly visited in other campaigns.

Expect to hear more about Critical Role's Campaign 3 in the months ahead. In the meantime, Exandria Unlimited kicks off on June 24th at 7 PM PT on Critical Role's Twitch and YouTube channel.