New 'Cyberpunk 2077' Gameplay Revealed

UPDATE: The stream has ended, so we've replaced the Twitch embed with the full YouTube upload [...]

UPDATE: The stream has ended, so we've replaced the Twitch embed with the full YouTube upload above.

CD Projekt RED unveiled a new gameplay demo for Cyberpunk 2077 on Monday after a lengthy buildup on Twitch.

Starting with a live broadcast on Twitch from the official CD Projekt RED account that said it was playing Cyberpunk 2077, the stream featured lines of code that filled the whole screen and cascaded for quite a while. The title "DATA TRANSMISSION IN PROGRESS_" and the cryptic stream led many to believe that a new trailer would be released, but what everyone got was even better with the first gameplay footage being showcased during the stream. That stream seen above is currently still live at the time this is being published.

It was stressed more than once during the narration of the demo that the scenes viewers would see weren't at all final that that things could change before the game was fully released. A character creation screen that showed different customization options kicked off the gameplay demo before a mission was previewed, one where the Cyberpunk characters have to go into a hostile building filled with Scavengers who are harvesting people's organs. The player and a partner are moving through the building in search of a particular target that's only referred to as "the girl."

The demo also showed off some of the customization options that players have in regards to their gear. An armory in the player's home had a variety of weapons to choose from with the demo player choosing a pistol while a closet had different outfits that could be worn. While choosing a jacket, the narrator referenced the game's street cred system that decides how well players are known by the inhabitants of Night City. That city is full of all different types of people and has a fully night-and-day cycle that CD Projekt RED says creates one of the most immersive and detailed open-world environments to date.

Described by the narrator as a "mature, visceral" experience, Cyberpunk 2077 deals with all sorts of different themes and problems that were showcased in the gameplay demo. The use of performance-enhancing drugs, bodies augmented with controversial technology, and tons of societal issues are all part of the game, many of which were shown in the demo.

While this is the first time that the general public has seen the game, others have already seen the demo before. It's the same demo that was showcased during E3 for members of the press and other guests who were invited to see the closed-doors demonstration of the game. The demo appears to be 48 minutes long, so we'll update the Twitch embed with the full trailer when the stream ends and the demo video is uploaded.

Cyberpunk 2077 is currently in development and does not yet have a release date.