Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Debunks Major Phantom Liberty Leak

A major Cyberpunk 2077 leak regarding the upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion has been debunked. Despite its initial struggles and infamously bad launch, Cyberpunk 2077 has largely retroactively fixed its reputation. Fans have a lot more love for the FPS RPG after gaining some distance and being able to separate what CD Projekt Red underdelivered on with what we we were actually given. To make things even better, Netflix's Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime was incredibly well received and helped give the game a big boost after being utterly ripped apart by players and critics in its first year on the market. Now, CD Projekt Red is prepping its big expansion for the game which is set to center around the U.S. government in some capacity and feature actor Idris Elba in a prominent role.

Recently, there was a leak going around that sounded incredibly exciting and promising with regards to the Phantom Liberty expansion. Said leak came from Reddit (via Forbes) and was supposedly the result of a player using a mod and uncovering a quest that was marked as a DLC quest. The rumored quest would take players to the Crystal Palace, a space-station casino that is mentioned in the main game. Players would also interact with Falco, a character from the Netflix anime series in some capacity and meet with some other shady characters. As exciting as all of this sounds, CD Projekt Red claims that it isn't real. CDPR PR director Radek Grabowski responded to an article about the leak claiming that this content does not exist in the game and will not be part of Phantom Liberty.

So, it seems that some fans were duped. It's a bit unfortunate because it sounds extremely cool, but that's the way it goes with leaks sometimes. Of course, there's also the chance that CD Projekt Red is lying in order to sustain the surprise, but usually developers ignore these kinds of things to not draw attention to it. Whether we ever get to see the Crystal Palace or characters from the anime in a future installment of the games remains to be seen.

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