Fan-Made 'Dark Souls' Film Shows What Happened to the Chosen Undead

For anyone that is familiar with the Dark Souls franchise, they know that lore plays a huge role [...]

For anyone that is familiar with the Dark Souls franchise, they know that lore plays a huge role in the wild success this brutally unforgiving game has experienced since its launch. With so much history and twisted narrative to discover, there are many ways fans can show their appreciation for the journey experienced thus far. That's exactly what one YouTuber did with an amazing fan-made film diving deep into the Chosen Undead and their own history.

Unlike many lore-type videos out there, this video by 'TheParryGod' uses actual footage from the title but in its highest optimal setting for cinematic results. This is done through the usage of third-party capture tools for total control over camera angles and the like.

Looking at the video above, the visuals are so groundbreakingly stunning, that it really breaks down how beautiful this game franchise truly is. Both aethetically and through the eyes of those that love lore, Dark Souls is unique and that's part of the reason why it is loved by so many.

The theme for the above short film is all about fate, as the name suggests. Fate and chance, two ideals that can be theorized and discussed and dissected until the end of time and still not have any conclusive answer on what that truly means. In this instance, fate has picked the Chosen Undead and this video shows their journey throughout the course of the game and its history.

What's truly beautiful is that the video's creator doesn't try to imprint their own ideas on the viewer. Like the subject of fate and chance themselves, this creative viewing is left entirely up to the perception of the viewer themselves. As with the games, the video lets you take what you want out of the history and hypothesize on its value according to subjective interpretation.

'TheParryGod' is no stranger to these incredible journeys and you can check out even more of his amazing creations over on his YouTube channel right here.

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