Days Gone Director Reveals Pitch for Uncharted Prequel Starring Young Sully

After PlayStation decided it was not interested in making a sequel to Days Gone, director Jeff Ross pitched a very different concept: an Uncharted game centered on a young Victor "Sully" Sullivan. Speaking with SacredSymbols+ (and transcribed by Video Games Chronicle), Ross revealed that the game would have taken place around 1976, when Sully was around 25 years old. This version of Sully would have drawn inspiration from Sean Connery's James Bond, and the idea was influenced by movies like Joker and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

"He busted out of the Navy for reasons, and I thought seeing him young and trying to figure out his way in this world going from trying to be a soldier or you know a military man to now I'm just out on the streets and I'm gonna become a hustler," Ross told SacredSymbols+.

While that certainly sounds like a great premise, Sony was concerned that the setting and concept wouldn't have provided much opportunity for shootouts, and Ross was concerned about creating "the first Uncharted game where the player didn't shoot anybody."

While the concept clearly didn't pan out, a young Sully game probably would have been a great idea following the release of the new Uncharted film. The movie features a much younger take on Sully, where he'll be played by Mark Wahlberg. Last month, PlayStation debuted Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PS5, which offers remastered versions of A Thief's End and The Lost Legacy. Unfortunately, fans haven't gotten a wholly-new Uncharted game since The Lost Legacy first released in 2017.

PlayStation's lack of interest in a Days Gone sequel has gotten a lot of attention over the last few weeks! The game was a fairly strong financial success on PlayStation 4 and on Steam, and Ross had ambitious plans for a follow-up, but Sony decided to pass. While Ross is no longer with the company, more than 160,000 fans have petitioned to see a sequel released. The petition probably won't convince Sony to resurrect Ross' pitch for the game, but it certainly can't hurt his chances!

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