Dead by Daylight Developer Event Promises New Games and Resident Evil News

Dead by Daylight creator Behaviour Interactive is holding a first-of-its-kind Behaviour Beyond showcase at the start of August. While the studio is certainly best known for its asymmetrical multiplayer horror game which keeps welcoming both original characters and those from acclaimed, established horror franchises, the studio promises that this upcoming event will feature not only Dead by Daylight but also other new games. All of this is scheduled to kick off on August 3rd with the event planned to be streamed through both Twitch and YouTube.

This Behaviour Beyond event is meant to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the studio, the developer said. It seems that we'll see not just one but several games there given that Behaviour teased a "diverse slate of upcoming games and content" including a world premiere.

"Behaviour Interactive is turning 30 and we're kicking off the celebrations with our first-ever Behaviour Beyond showcase!" the preview of this event said. "This broadcast will pull back the curtain on our diverse slate of upcoming games and content, including updates, sneak peeks, and the world premiere of BHVR's next major release."

Back in May, Behaviour confirmed its plans to release a Dead by Daylight dating simulator called Hooked on You. Given that the game has already been revealed, we can assume that'll probably be included in the lineup of games that'll be shown off, but it wouldn't be the "next major release" since that one's slated to get a world premiere during this event. Behaviour's catalog of games includes original ones like Dead by Daylight as well as games licensed from the Jurassic World and Game of Thrones franchises, so it remains to be seen which kind of game this next world premiere will be.

If nothing else, Dead by Daylight players can rest assured knowing they'll have something to look forward to as well. The Twitter account for the game teased that we'll see some Resident Evil news during the event with Project W expected to make an appearance there. That's the name of the next Chapter which was announced previously, and if the name is anything to go off of, it likely means Wesker is coming to the game next.

Behaviour's event takes place on August 3rd, so expect to tune in then to see what comes of it.