Dead by Daylight Players Worry Leatherface Is Leaving

Dead by Daylight players are concerned right now that Leatherface, the Killer from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, might not be available in the game for much longer. Those concerns stem from recent rumors that suggested Behaviour Interactive's license to use the Killer in the game might be expiring soon which would mean Leatherface would not longer be purchasable. Those who already have the Killer would presumably still be able to use him with the change only affecting sales of the DLC, but without confirmation from Behaviour, players aren't quite sure what to make of the situation.

The Twitter account DbdNewsReal which tracks Dead by Daylight is one of the sources players who hold these worries about Leatherface (or Bubba, if you know him that way) leaving have been citing. Earlier in the week, the Twitter account shared some strings from the game's files that showed Leatherface's perks supposedly being updated to an unlicensed state which would seemingly allow them to stay in the game even if the license for Leatherface expired.

After that initial tweet helped send players into a tizzy, the Dead by Daylight-focused Twitter account doubled down on the "leak" by saying in another tweet saying "It's confirmed, Bubba is 100% leaving Dead By Daylight," though there's been no official confirmation of any kind to suggest that's happening. Yet another tweet shared afterwards said the info shared previously comes from an "internal source" and linked Leatherface's rumored removal to the release of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game.

Dead by Daylight has housed without issue content from things like the Evil Dead series even when Evil Dead: The Game came out, however, and it's still got Left 4 Dead content after all these years, so there's no real reason to believe that the new Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game would have any impact on Dead by Daylight's version of Leatherface. The only time we've seen something happen like this before was when the game's Stranger Things DLC was removed. The license to use that IP expired, so the DLC couldn't be sold anymore, but the characters like Nancy, Steve, and The Demogorgon and their cosmetics were and still are usable in the game.

If Leatherface's license in Dead by Daylight does expire, one would assume the same thing would happen with him where he'd be removed from sale and would still be playable. We've reached out to Behaviour Interactive seeking clarity and will update the story accordingly if a response is received.