'Dead By Daylight’ Getting New Chapter Next Week, Dedicated Servers Next Summer

Behaviour Interactive promised an update on what it’s doing with its horror game Dead By [...]

Behaviour Interactive promised an update on what it's doing with its horror game Dead By Daylight during its Game Awards presentation tonight, and it delivered two-fold.

First off, the team confirmed what it'll be doing with dedicated servers for the game, set to arrive sometime in 2019. But, more importantly, a new chapter is coming to the game, just in time for...Christmas?

Chapter 10: Darkness Among Us is set to make its debut on December 11. And for the first time, it'll introduce a human killer to the game. Here's the official description from the team:

For the first time in Dead by Daylight, the killer is human, making him much harder to differentiate from the survivors. In this chapter, players will encounter a group of four friends who have become killers. They call themselves The Legion and they draw their power from the thrillingly insane freedom of not abiding to any rules but their own. Players will choose to embody one of the agile teenagers able to catch their victims off-guard with their power, Feral Frenzy.

The new survivor is Jeff Johansen, an artist with a heart of gold. He has a dark past but led a quiet, simple life until his father passed, leaving things to sort out. The action takes place in Ormond, Canada, once a small, remote ski town with idyllic slopes, turned obsolete. Mount Ormond is now a soulful, deforested graveyard where gangs and teenagers go looking for trouble. Some people believe that the mountain hides a bottomless hole from where no one can return…

Here's what's included in the forthcoming chapter, which will be introduced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

  • 1 New Killer + Perks and Power -- The Legion
  • 1 New Survivor + Perks -- Jeff Johansen
  • 1 New Map -- Mount Ormond Resort
  • 1 Exclusive Item -- Jeff's In the Shadow of Death shirt

As for the dedicated servers, Mathieu Cote, game director for Dead By Daylight, explained, "This has been the number one request from the community and we are excited to finally be able to make this announcement! We are also happy to announce that our team of programmers has already done a first successful internal test back in November. We still have a long way to go before fully migrating to dedicated servers and will keep you posted on our milestones as we progress."

So look for some, ahem, killer action in Dead By Daylight in a matter of days. It's available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.