Dead by Daylight Creators Have Considered Adding New Memento Mori Kills "Many Times"

Memento Mori kills in Dead by Daylight are some of the game’s more cinematic moments and provide [...]

Memento Mori kills in Dead by Daylight are some of the game's more cinematic moments and provide the perfect scenario for a Killer to show off what sets them apart form other characters. They're not exactly easy to pull off, however, since they require one of several specific Offerings to be made with Killers then tasked with meeting certain requirements in-game depending on what Offering they used. Each Killer only has one Memento Mori kill with the exception of The Twins since they can split apart from one another, but what if players had the option to choose between different Memento Mori kills?

As it turns out, Dead by Daylight's creators have discussed the very idea of adding new Memento Mori kills to the game. Dead by Daylight Game Director Mathieu Côté spoke to when discussing the Realm Beyond updates and said the idea of new Memento Mori kills has been talked about "many times" in the past. When asked if the idea was something the developers were still open to, Côté said "absolutely."

"Absolutely. Absolutely," Côté said. "Especially because it's such a very clear and finite piece of the gameplay. Literally, we can change the animation, we can change the camera, we can do crazy things during the Mori. It has very, very little impact on the rest of the game. Because if you can create a Mori, then you have the opportunity, you do it. Whatever it looks like, how long it takes, it doesn't really matter that much. So, it's somewhere where we could really play."

The Memento Mori animations can't be stopped once they're locked in, so both the Killer and the Survivor the kill is being inflicted on have to watch things play out. For Killers like Freddy Krueger who's known as "The Nightmare" in Dead by Daylight, for example, he drives his claws through the back of the targeted Survivor. Leatherface who's known as "The Cannibal" does the same with his chainsaw, and original Killers like The Plague use parts of their signature abilities to finish off a Survivor. The common thread between these is that they all highlight unique parts of the Killer's kits.

Dave Richard, the Creative Director on Dead by Daylight, said the addition of new Memento Mori kills isn't a priority right now but added that it'd be "super dope" to see them added.