Dead by Daylight Is Halfway Through Its Realm Beyond Updates

Dead by Daylight is officially halfway through its update project known as “The Realm Beyond.” [...]

Dead by Daylight is officially halfway through its update project known as "The Realm Beyond." This initiative has consisted so far of several different updates released periodically that changed things like maps, characters, and pretty much every other part of Dead by Daylight that doesn't directly deal with gameplay such as Killer's perks and abilities. To commemorate the checkpoint in its Realm Beyond work, Behaviour Interactive released a dev diary to recall what's already transpired and to give some insights into the work that's been done.

You can catch that video diary below to bring yourself up to speed on what's been happening in Dead by Daylight. Prior to the dev diary's release, was able to speak to Behaviour Interactive to learn more about how The Realm Beyond has been received by players so far and where it still has to go from here.

Though The Realm Beyond is its own project consisting of multiple updates, its goal is to effectively update all the existing content in Dead by Daylight which means it could theoretically go on for forever. The creators do have an idea of where this specific project will end now that it's at the halfway point, but they can't say when that is just yet.

"So, of course, on our side, the main effort right now to update the bulk of what is existing in the game, we do have a final release date in mind," said Dead by Daylight creative director Dave Richard. "I'm not sure we can even talk about it right now, but it's quite soon. I mean, we're already completed with most of reviewing these assets, but there are still going to be components in there that we'll be able to update and review down the line. I'm sure... this is not the last visual update that we'll be doing on Dead by Daylight."

While the first few updates reworked different Realms, the most recent one, Part 4, consisted of changes to character models and animations. While the content in each Realm Beyond update varies, a common goal is to not affect the gameplay of Dead by Daylight, so things like the Clown's reworked abilities which debuted not long ago are not considered part of The Realm Beyond's scope.

"So in the updates that are coming, we are careful not to touch the gameplay," said Richard when asked what else might fall under the umbrella of The Realm Beyond. "That is part of our goal is to try and add to the same gameplay as much as possible. That said, while we're looking at some of the objects, we are also working with the design team to see how we can make these actions more enjoyable more than just the look. But that's a difficult one because it really needs to be better. It needs to change and be better for everyone."

Dead by Daylight has more updates to come in its Realm Beyond project, so expect to see more previews and dev diaries like this one to keep players informed on what's planned.