'Dead by Daylight' Teases "The Next Chapter" With New Video, Theories Abound

The team behind the popular horror title Dead by Daylight just dropped a brand new teaser video [...]

The team behind the popular horror title Dead by Daylight just dropped a brand new teaser video for "The Next Chapter" and it both horrifies and impresses.

Behaviour Interactive loves their teasers and the latest video has definitely inspired fan speculation. One YouTube commenter in the video above reveald the meaning of the Japanese lines, saying "There is no point, dear daughter. We are born to die. The more we wait, the more pain we carry."

One thing we've got to say is 'poor Feng' because that was brutal. We also got a brief glimpse of what seems to be a new female survivor, though with just the teaser - it's possible she's the killer. With the translated Japanese message, however, it seems more likely that she would be in a more survival role.

One of the more popular theories is that the killer teased is Kuchisake-onna, or "the slit-faced woman." According to her lore, she was mutilated by her husband and was damned to return as an evil spirit that questions her victims before killing them with a pair of scissors. According to Wikipedia, there were even reported sightings in 2004 about a woman wearing a red mask, similar to that seen in the video, that was seen chasing children that matched up to corner reports from back in the 70s.

According to the original legend, "The woman will ask a potential victim "Am I pretty?" If he or she answers yes, she will remove her mask and ask him or her again in a girly voice. If the potential victim answers yes or screams, she will slash the victim from ear to ear so that the victim resembles her. If he or she answers no, she will walk away, only to follow her victim home and brutally murder him or her that night. Said reaction also occurs if you say no before she removes her mask."

This is all speculation, we won't know for sure what the "Next Chapter" is until Behaviour reveals more themselves but one this is for sure: it's going to be good.

With the possibility of a new map rumored to be coming alongside what's next, the next Chapter looks to be promising thus far. More Dead by Daylight teasers are expected to be dropping soon followed by the official reveal.